Dr. Armand Sánchez

Director of SVGM

Dra. Olga Francino

Projects and innovation

Dra. Anna Mercadé

Genotyping platforms and NGS

Dra. Natalia Sastre

Wild fauna

Dra. Montserrat Sala

Quality management

Dr. Quim Casellas

Bioinformatics and statistical advice

The origins

The Molecular Genetics Veterinary Service (SVGM) is a service of the Veterinary Faculty of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona that, since 1996, has offered its expertise in the field of genomics, both to public institutions and research groups as well as professionals and private companies. The increase in the volume and number of agreements with private companies confirms the customer orientation policy that the SVGM defends in the transfer of technology from the university to companies and individuals.

The SVGM is currently a benchmark in the field of animal genetics and genomics, the result of the synergy of the research group and the technology transfer activity. In the field of research, SVGM activity focuses on the area of porcine and canine genomics, participating in several national and international EU projects. The results obtained in these sectors have allowed the development of new analysis and diagnostic tools for genes of interest in the health and animal production sector.

The SVGM's availability of high-performance genetic analysis platforms in genotyping and sequencing allow conceptually different and innovative approaches in the field of genomics. It is necessary to specify the exploitation of this information (data-mining) and the development of new methodologies (state-of-the-art) that respond effectively to the needs raised by the different sectors.