Myostatin gene

To date, up to 7 different mutations have been detected that cause the crouching pattern in the bovine species, all of them along the myostatin gene (GDF8), located on chromosome 2. The C313Y mutation was found in Piedmontese and Gasconne breeds, E226X in Maine Anjou breed, E291X in Marchigniana, F94L in Limousin, Q204X in Charolaise and Limousin, nt419 in Maine Anjou, and nt821 in Asturiana breeds, White Belgian Blue, Blonde d'Aquitanie and Galician Blonde. Given the great diffusion that these breeds have experienced in the rest of the cattle population, this implies that these mutations can be found today in any breed of cattle, especially of meat aptitude.

In order to guarantee the genetic pattern of the myostatin gene, it is essential to test the different mutations in each animal.